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The Group Competence Center will play a management and guidance role for the entire Group. He will be responsible for the management planning and supervision of the Group. We have ambitious plans but we are not afraid of challenges and we face them head on. Please pray for us A presentation of the strategy is available on the Investor Relations website. Previous activity under the Birthday Offers Contest in expanding and validating the database of email addresses and more importantly the creation of a behavioral email tool bas on a detail analysis of the customer purchase path of the largest online store for children’s products. Polish categories. Planning support was provid for the event, which was conceptualiz by . The competition will be held from day to day. • Expand email database.

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Records using existing database • Customer engagement as brand ambassador • Increase number of customer shopping cart leads • Create behavioral email tools bas on detail analysis of customer purchase path. Target group Email database, accounts Women ag 1 to 2 years old Children with mium social status Live in large and mium-siz cities Germany Telegram Data Have access to the Internet Looking for other value in the children’s clothing market and those who value product quality. Execution Programming work was done before the activity was launchEnables competition mechanisms to be combin with data authentication for customers who have historically.

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Been customers of the store. This makes it possible to assign them functions that allow defining behavioral email sending. The competition itself is bas on a membership acquisition mechanism bas on a customer email database. The Germany Email List campaign uses creations that reference one of the themes of the Endo series – the mouths of dinosaurs. The unique creation and personalization of emails creates a unique combination that generates great interest from customers. Mechanisms and tools are shipp to the user base for the first time. In exchange for recommending the newsletter they receive a discount on purchases and an additional discount.

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