How to orient yourself in this space? We will give some answers to this question during the webinar on april 21st with paolo formaglini . Architectural designer and 3d specialist . D icat  precisely to the world of 3d. In particular. If you are a graphic designer who has always work  in two dimensions. We will provide you with a taste of the options available and a compass to guide your next steps. 3d is that virtual space in which our imagination is able not only to faithfully recreate something . But also to build new and unprec ent  realities from scratch .

The creation of elements from scratch


 Although the act of drawing has to do with the europe email list world of paper. And therefore the two-dimensional world. We often ask ourselves. How do you draw in 3d? And again. How do you get to recreate that level of photorealism? So let’s clarify the terms a little. How do you draw in 3d? Drawing in 3d could be translat  as “modelling” in 3d; various software deals with the modeling aspect . I.e. The creation of elements from scratch . There are different methodologies for designing surfaces in 3d . Such as nurbs or polygons. Or (virtually) sculpting 3d masses.

Where we can find ready-made files


 From the early 1990s to today. Modeling methods have chang  quite a bit and have evolv  in the name of greater ease for the UAB Directory user. Sometimes modeling is not even consider  a necessary step given the numerous libraries. More or less free. Where we can find ready-made files containing what we ne . Do we have to model the interior of a house? We will find rather easily. In the formats we ne . Sanitary ware. Furniture and accessories already model  in 3d to be position  with our software in the environment we have creat .