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If the department spends two hours per month servicing this client and the cost of one hour is PLN then the final annual cost is , PLN. So the amount a customer spends is equal to the amount you spend servicing that customer. What then? It might be worth considering automating the service. Add a page with FAQs or a video with instructions on how to use the product or service. Just a few years ago omnichannel strategies were just taking off in the Polish market. There are no tools that can support it effectively. There are no train experts in the market to serve them. Today, not using omnichannel to run your business can mean company failure and bankruptcy. With multi-channel you can get loyal customers, strong market position and real sales. A customer comes to the showroom and simply says.

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That he wants to buy a specific model of sports car. It requires no special handling and extra effort on the part of the salesperson. Just a dream. But let’s get back to reality – this doesn’t happen very often. When selling online the task is Australia Telegram Data even more difficult. We cannot see the customer and cannot understand his nes so it is more difficult to convince him to buy. Especially on the Internet, competition is fierce and customers can abandon their shopping carts at any time. What should you do to keep his interest and ultimately encourage him to buy? Customers are happy to buy online. It has been verifi that out of million Polish people use the Internet this shows.

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A huge pool of potential customers. A report prepar by the Polish Banks Association and the National Clearing House shows that one in two Poles makes an online purchase. For many people the e-commerce industry is limit to operating Taiwan Email List online stores where we can buy real or virtual products. Everything is done quickly and efficiently and orders are deliver to our doorsteps by smiling couriers sometimes even within hours of placing the order. At this point a question arises. If sales are limit to online stores then what is the point of hundrs of thousands of websites of various companies who are not going to buy products online anyway? Most of them are meant to inform about the services and products offer by stationery stores. Creat. Many companies hope that a website that describes a product.

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