A bit like feng shui. The ux designer also has the objective of improving spaces. The virtual ones. To allow better use of the elements it contains. Without going too far back in time. However. We can say that the true putative father of user experience is don norman. Don norman was one of the first and greatest scholars of user experience. Or rather. Of the topic of usability and the interaction between human beings and objects. Since the release of his first book ” the design of everyday things” in 1988. The world of user experience has chang  a lot. But some principles remain relevant.

Are neither coincident nor interchangeable


 Becoming a ux designer means becoming familiar email List with many of the concepts express  by don norman and the best practices that have emerg  over the last 20 years in terms of usability and interface. Before seeing them. However. It is good to remember that the terms ui and ux . Often combin . Are neither coincident nor interchangeable. The user interface ( ui ) has to do with the graphic elements that make up the interface (icons. Buttons. Images of a site or an app). While the ux . Or user experience . Has to do with interaction and the emotions the user experiences when using a product.

Whether you are taking your first steps


 Becoming an experience designer therefore means organizing the visual elements (ui) to provide a valuable UAB Directory user experience. Ux. To the end users of our product. In our catalog you will find ux design courses for your ne s. Whether you are taking your first steps or whether you want to imm iately start working on interactive prototypes a ux designer creates interactive prototypes and mockups user experience design what is it? Every day we experience the user experience first hand. In some cases… Literally. It may seem outside the lines. Yet the user experience is precisely the result of all the sensations and emotions we feel when we interact with an interface. Whether that of a modern electronic device. Such as a smartphone. Or that of a remote control; the result does not change.