What is Twitch and why should you know it

Twitch is a live streaming platform, created in by Justin and Emmett Shear. Since then it has become the largest platform in the world, specializing mainly in the transmission of video game games. However, it increasingly offers content from other areas such as music, lifestyle or online conferences. With Twitch, users can make and watch live broadcasts. Streamers broadcast an event in real time and interact with the audience through chat.

How does Twitch work?

These broadcasts can be video game games, interviews or tutorials to learn how to use certain computer programs. Why you should know Twitch? Twitch offers a wide variety of content for Australia WhatsApp Number Data all audiences, which makes it an ideal platform for those looking to entertain themselves or learn new things. In addition, on Twitch, relationships are created between users and streamers. Viewers can interact with the streamer via chat and enjoy a unique experience.

How can you start using Twitch?

Another reason why you should know about Twitch is that it offers a great opportunity for those who want to earn income through streaming video games. Anyone can become a streamer Cambodia WhatsApp Number List and earn income from subscriptions, donations or other forms of monetization. Twitch also offers tools for streamers, such as the ability to share content directly from the platform and create a community around the channel. This allows streamers to earn income through monetization and develop a career as a streaming professional.


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