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Every available argument during the phone conversation. Before completing the monologue, the salesperson had no idea that our customer was interest in a completely different product on the website before receiving a call from the call center, and that when the call center lead was transferr to the salesperson, he purchas the product of his choice online. This example shows the importance of using modern systems. These systems will allow us to collect data on actual customer interest in specific areas of the website. This data is enter into the system and, along with the sales data, serves as a guide for call centers and sales staff to further communicate with customers.

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Customer segmentation and scenarios The diversity of customer nes determines their division into different interest groups. This is the right direction for a sales-focus campaign to maximize results. Tailoring content to the right USA Telegram Data customer segment is the perfect way to grab their attention. However we cannot limit our activities to segmentation bas on interests. The analysis should include what we know about the customer’s entire purchase history, his status as a current customer, and declarative data such as his place of residence. Segmentation will allow us to create scenarios that target specific customer groups and can also fit into the appropriate.

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A customer category profiles we create. What such a connection allows us to do Let us imagine that our customer is looking for a product but it turns out that the product is not available in the online store and therefore we lose the sale Singapore Email List opportunity. The system analyzes available data about its location and interest in a specific product and compares it with data from fix stores locat near the customer’s residence and information about the product’s availability there. At this point launch a scenario that triggers a communication cycle with our customer bas on the previously defin assumptions to check his interest in each communication channel. Our customer.

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