Lights are the key element to manage before rendering to achieve a high level of photorealism . In fact. Shadows depend on the lights . But also the so-call  caustics. That is. The physical phenomena of reflection and refraction typical of transparent materials such as water and glass when they are hit by light. Some of the 3d software mention  above already include powerful and reliable rendering engines . But almost all of them provide integration with external engines that offer an even more sophisticat  degree of control. Among the most popular rendering engines we find v-ray. For example. Which can be purchas  and integrat  with cinema 4d but also autodesk maya.

We may also want to animate


 In addition to v-ray we find products such as country email list mental ray . Develop  by nvidia. Also available as a plug in for autodesk maya and 3ds max. These rendering engines can also be external. Stand-alone. But usually for those taking their first steps in the world of 3d it is good to have the possibility of exploiting them within the software you have chosen to use. In order to have a more fluid workflow. Obviously the world of 3d does not end with modeling and rendering . In fact. We may also want to animate our scenes or characters.

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 As you can see. The possibilities are truly unlimit . Which is why in our webinar with paolo formaglini we will try to UAB Directory better understand what to choose and how to orient ourselves in this universe. I would like to become a ux designer. Where do i start? I would like to become a ux designer. Where do i start? Brief history of user experience when we think of ux. The last thing that comes to mind is feng shui. The ancient chinese art of divination that still influences the field of interior architecture today.