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From millions of offers Compare Compare… In the last two years the Where to Buy query appears in search engines more often than in the last two years. Users generally know what they are looking for. Our job is to convince them that we have it. Ordinary marketing efforts are no longer enough to stand out from the competition. Fortunately, marketing automation can solve this problem. The new solution improves known activities, optimizes our work and increases our number of customers, because users pay attention not only to what we communicate with them but also how we communicate it, when and under what circumstances.

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Automat marketing platforms like Automat Marketing Platform help optimize our communications in the e-commerce space. Precisely Target Display Campaigns Display advertising is one of the most popular tools on the internet. We love Oman Telegram Data its many forms and versatility. Since marketing automation its huge advantage is the personalization of messages. We do not necessarily have the recipient’s email address in our database. We plan and display impression campaigns bas on previously view products to anonymous users. This is also one of the ways to dispose of abandon trolleys. Automat marketing allows us to track at which stage.

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A potential customers leave the website and tailor messages bas on this. For example if this happens when selecting shipping type we can offer him a shipping discount. If the user gives up on choosing between products we can provide him with other model designs as well as supplementary services. All this is done in an automat and Germany Email List convenient way. Irreplaceable Email Marketing With automat marketing we don’t just get new customers from our website. Analyzing website traffic allows you to better define your target group. We then send emails to external databases that target us and increase the chances of the anonymous user becoming our customer.

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