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Emails using marketing automation have higher open rates and higher clicks compar to regular emails. Marketers at the Email Institute believe that sending personaliz messages can increase customer engagement. E-Consulting A little-known term for marketing automation is abandon cart recycling – and it’s one of the most interesting and acclaim applications of marketing automation. How it works Let’s look at an example. Example A customer visits the store website and after a while he receives an email from the store with information about a lower price of the product and returns to the store’s website. This time he decid not to buy. After a while he receiv a text message with a personal discount code. He returns to the store’s website and makes a purchase. What’s the impact of this? Without marketing automation.

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A customers will abandon their purchase the first time they visit your store’s website. With the help of additional tools and the ability to set up individual customer communication scenarios in the example given the transaction was complet. So let’s think Canada Telegram Data about how many customers can visit our website but don’t decide to buy the product for one reason or another. That’s probably a big group. Thanks to marketing automation we have additional opportunities to convince them to take advantage of our offers. Storytelling – Storytelling Personalization of content sent and marketing automation are essential tools that allow you to use email marketing effectively in sales.

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What else can we do? Tell a story. Eric Mistevitch ( ) says that in today’s age of information overload, master narratives are most effective in building an image. They attract the attention of the mia and public opinion and help To Australia Email List achieve success far beyond their own environment or industry. Author of Narrative Marketing. How to stand out from the crowd We all know the concept of Black Friday i.e. crazy sales and shopping. A company that sells clothing and travel gear clos its stores at the time and encourag people to leave their homes not to go on shopping sprees but to go for walks. The internet is flood with photos tagg with people showing how.

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