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A spelling error when providing it or the email address was block due to inactivity. Sending a message to such an address will not produce the desir results and may have a negative impact on the reputation of the sender of the message. Message open rate Open rate is a metric that represents the percentage of people who open a message compar to the number of people who receiv it. In other words, what percentage of recipients open the message. When implementing email marketing campaigns in various systems it is worth paying attention to whether the coefficients show unique data. If so then we see the percentage.

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People who open the message at least once. If not unique we have data on all opens. Unique is a reliable analytical parameter because bas on its data we can immiately draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the campaign. Example Spain Telegram Data If a campaign is sent to, addresses and the message is open by some of them multiple times, a total of, opens is unique, non-unique,, unique is affect by the quality of the database if there are a large number of returns or undeliver messages sent Date You can test in test mode on different days of the week or a sending time that better suits the recipient’s preferences. Message headers. It is recommend.

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To test with different headers. Add personalization such as recipient name. Content depends on the subscriber’s data. Let’s move on to click-through rates. Click-through rate – The ratio of clicks to messages sent. As in the case Canada Email List of we can handle two classesClick-through rate of type The percentage of unique people who click at least once Non-unique All clicks are count. Example If you send , emails and the number of people who click at least once is total clicks then the coefficients are as follows Unique click-through rate , Non-unique click-through rate , a more reliable metric is unique . To improve this metric we ne to analyze exactly.

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