Meta keywords is a section where you can set keywords that clearly describe the content of a page, but because it was once abused by spam, Google has now made it clear that it will no longer be used as a ranking factor.  Although it is not a high priority to set it again, there is a non-zero possibility that Google will use this information in the future, and at the very least there is a risk that setting inappropriate meta keywords will be judged as spam. So you need to check. Google search engine does not currently.Refer to meta keywords. Therefore, it can be said that there is still little need to set keywords as an SEO measure.

Optimization of h1 element

Does it serve as a heading. Is it page-specific. Optimization of h1 element ( WhatsApp Number List ) Does the text clearly represent the page content? Does it contain too many specific keywords? Does it serve as a heading. Is it page-specific. The h1 element is the highest level among the HTML h elements that represent heading. Proper writing along with the title tag will help search engines.Understand the content of your site more systematically. This is text information that is written. In the HTML img element and is an alternative to images. Although the contribution to SEO is small, it is necessary to check from the viewpoint of accessibility and anti-spam measures.

Optimization of h2 elements

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Does it clearly represent the contents of the middle content  on ​​the page. Does it serve as a middle UAB Directory heading. The h2 element is a medium heading at the next level after the h1 element above. Although they are less important than the title and h1 elements. You can improve your site’s performance by setting them with a hierarchical structure in mind to avoid duplication. Optimizing the alt attribute Does it contain too many specific keywords. Does the text appropriately verbalize what the image represents?