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Research results show that most companies have experienc significant sales growth after introducing automation, and marketing automation strategies continue to be successful. Managers and marketers especially appreciate the ease of executing recurring campaigns and the convenience of creating personaliz communication scenarios. However, high-tech advancements in tools are not the only dominant trend of the year. Here are three must-have actions to be effective. To increase campaign conversion rates keep these three things in mind Invest in programmatic The catchphrase that has captur the imagination of marketers across Poland in recent months is Big Data. That’s right, programmatic bas on data analytics is closely relat to big data. At the beginning of this year, the mia prict.

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That this type of advertising spending would increase and take up an ever-increasing share of advertising budgets. This trend is undoubtly growing. It’s worth considering this when planning your annual event. Bet on Content Israel Telegram Data Let’s be honest, good content can counteract ad blocking. Like storytelling, its power cannot be underestimat. There’s even a saying that no one wants to see ads anymore but we still want to hear stories. In an era of highly develop consumer behavior analysis tools, no one can say that they don’t know how to create the perfect marketing campaign bas on user nes. Personaliz communication and exclusive content is our job.

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Turn on video Experts are calling this the year of video. And this is just the beginning. Forecasts for the coming years indicate that the vast majority of content publish on is likely to be in this form. Moving images, with or without sound, have Japan Email List higher click-through rates than other static content. Well maybe except for cat photos Summary The year is sure to bring many challenges and many communication channels will also see dynamic developments. Everything indicates that omni-channel tools will make further progress in our country. According to the results of the first email usage study conduct in 2017, it is known that respondents plan to use marketing.

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