This vision l. him to establish Mattamy Homes, with the name deriv. from a combination of his two eldest children’s names, Matt and Amy. Beginning in 1986, Mattamy Homes embark. on the ambitious journey of designing and constructing plann. communities from scratch. Despite the growth and success of the business, with revenues amounting to $3.6 billion, Gilgan continues to hold the positions of chairman and CEO, steering the company forward. He is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. 17.

Russia’s leading IT solutions integrators.

Leonid Boguslavsky Net Worth: $4.1B Age: 72 Leonid Boguslavsky. The founder of RTP Global, initially establish. As ru-Net in 2000 in Russia. Has made a significant mark in the venture capital scene. One of his early and notable investments was in Yandex, a Russian search engine firm, where  latest database his exit yield. a remarkable 400-fold return on his initial investment. Over the years, RTP Global, under Boguslavsky’s guidance, has invest. in a total of 90 companies. Impressively, five of these ventures—Yandex, EPAM, Delivery Hero, RingCentral, and Datadog—have blossom. into multibillion-dollar public enterprises. Boguslavsky’s journey in the tech and business world traces back to the early 1990s when he successfully built one of He eventually sold this venture to PwC in 1996, where he continu. as a senior partner, showcasing his acumen and strategic prowess. 

A Russian-Italian joint venture call.

Furthermore, Boguslavsky’s earlier partnership with Boris Berezovsky in  the 1980s involv. LogoVAZ, adding another layer to his diverse and impactful UAB Directory career. He rightfully earn. his place among the richest men in Canada. 18. Bob Gaglardi Net Worth: $3.6B Age: 82 In 1963, Bob Gaglardi embark. on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey, establishing Northland Properties with just a $5,000 loan. Four years later, he proudly open. the first Sandman Inn hotel in British Columbia, setting the foundation for a successful venture. Over time, Bob’s vision and determination l. to the growth of Sandman Inns across Canada.