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May receive an email with personaliz content and destinations where he can purchase. If such communication channels are not effective we can try other methods such as sending text messages. In this case, online activities will transfer the effect to offline sales. Analysis and recommendations. Each customer communication channel provides us with data. Behavioral, declarative and purely transactional. By combining this data you can create paths that trigger communication with various types of recommendations. By focusing on data analysis from a variety of sources we can determine which proposals are most attractive to our clients.

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With the help of modern marketing automation systems we can make product recommendations bas on various criteria. By analyzing transaction data and purchase location we create a further communication scenario aim at cross-selling complementary products through the sales channel most convenient for the customer. Recommendations France Telegram Data do not have to reflect purchases the customer has already made but can be bas on his behavioral profile so that the products we offer him are relevant to his actual interests. We may also influence buyers by using our tools to gather recommendations bas on products other customers have view or purchas from us.

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Recommendation models can actually be releas to customers through various communication channels. Starting from the website where we can suggest what others are looking for, to email correspondence, at various stages we can China Email List recommend products that best suit the customer’s taste, to messages sent by marketing automation systems integrat with call centers. Connecting with customers is now much easier than before. We have a variety of communication channels and tools available to facilitate communication. Companies must focus on the correct use of data obtain about customers and data provid by the customers themselves.

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