How to get WhatsApp Business link?

Interested in making your WhatsApp Business account known. The more people who have your contact. The more potential clients can write to you, but sometimes it is complicated. If we leave them alone at the mercy of memorizing a phone number. For this, the app incorporated a super useful functionality. creating a link that directs customers to a direct chat with you. With this link you can directly. Attend to the needs of your clients in a quick and efficient way. You can also include it in the different social platforms. And integrate it into your multi-agent WhatsApp Marketing strategy.

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If you want to learn How to get a WhatsApp Business link? Keep reading our step-by-step guide. This is how you can get the link to your WhatsApp Business account If you are going to UK Phone Number Data create the link from the Android operating system , you must follow the following steps: Open the WhatsApp Business app. Go to “Settings” ⚙. Enter “Tools for companies”. Click on “Direct link” to see the link that was generated automatically. Ready, you have your link. If you have an iPhone , the procedure is this way: From the app, click on Direct link.

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A link will be generated and displayed below your company name. Ready! The process is now completed. Once you have access to the link, you have several options to use it: You can Cambodia Phone Number List copy the link and paste it wherever you want to have it at hand. You can send the link directly to your clients. If you want your customers to have a message template when they open the direct link, you have to set it in the slider. You can also create and edit default messages. Now, with this personalized WhatsApp link you can generate a pre-established message and share it with your clients through social networks.

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