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Is the grass we see right now generat  by sketchup? No. The grass you see on the monitor was generat  by enscape. Which allows you to move directly in the 3d rendering. If you were to do it in sketchup. Every single blade of grass would have to be model  individually; as well as being complicat  it would be literally impossible. What you see is the so-call  proc ural grass. We can manage many aspects of it. Such as the thickness. The ability of the force of gravity to bend it with simple parameters. 

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 Can we draw a scene from scratch? (in sketchup) africa email list certain! Within a few hours it is already possible to furnish a room! Don’t let the program scare you; those who follow espero courses are able to create a 3d environment after just a few hours of course! Can this rendering become a video in mp4 format? (referring to a scene from envision) of course! A video in which we can change the shot. The light. The weather… We can add moving cars. We can definitely turn the scene into a video in mp4 format for a presentation! Do we ne  3d modeling and rendering software? Although there are professional 3d modeling programs such as blender. Maya and 3dstudio that offer relatively powerful rendering engines already integrat . It is best to rely on external rendering engines where possible.

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 Is twinmotion compatible with rhino? Yes. The UAB Directory two software are not only compatible but also quite well integrat ; what i create in rhino is easily visible in twinmotion. To work with 3d. Mac or pc? It depends on many variables. Generally speaking. Low hardware power means longer rendering times. A pc from 10 years ago is certainly a little rusty to be able to do fast renderings. In general. It can work well on both a mac and a pc. How to get start  with 3d modeling and rendering. Our free webinar webinar 3d modeling and rendering. The steps to get start  sign up for the webinar when we talk about 3d we are talking about a large universe of software capable of doing very different things.

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