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The drag-and-drop itor. Below we introduce the most important implementations and new features in . Changes to the main system menu Since the colors have been chang to be brighter and more friendly, using the system will become even more pleasant. The menu on the left will be collapsible to make system navigation easier. We add information about logg in users to the main column and mov the Preferences field which was previously locat in the left menu. The number of available options will be limit so that our customers can focus on the most important system features. Currently the Preferences will contain fields for general settings.

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The messaging system, tools for building forms and subscription scenarios, and an integration section. Permanent Create Activity button Shipping plans will always be available no matter which part of the system the customer is Hong Kong Telegram Data currently using. Just click Create Campaign in the left menu and the creative itor will open. Log in to view the Dashboard Mail and SMS Modules relat to mail and campaign implementation will be expand with the Booking field. Until now, preview of plann shipments was only possible in the Send section. Due to this change it will be easier to check which activities are being carri out and the transport process will be shorten by one.

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Card if other transports are plann. Preview of the Mail section Preview of the SMS section In addition, a section dicat to SMS recharge will be add directly to the menu. Previously Recharge could be done through the dashboard or in the Mexico Email List first step of sending an SMS. The option to fund your account during the first upload step is still available. Database Management To achieve satisfactory results it is important to optimize your marketing campaigns in terms of audience targeting. So to make it easier to manage the mail database we add the Database Structure field in the Address section. Previously the tools that allow you to manage the database.

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