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The idea is to use descriptions and slogans to influence customers’ emotions from the outset, present certain features of the product in an emotional way, and guide the recipient’s way of thinking onto the appropriate track. So what to do? It’s worth including some well-known easy-to-understand phrases such as “light as a feather”. Ok this is already good but you can do better by adding at least some measurable parameters. For example we add weight in grams the weight of the product in grams only of the product card and we can compare it to the packaging. May have a decisive influence on the purchase. The exquisite appearance of the packaging box, properly select colors and shapes can effectively attract the attention of customers. Of course the price, quality and brand of the product.

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Are equally important but sometimes aesthetic impression can save the day. Therefore, an extremely important aspect is the attractiveness of the graphic material, photo quality and resolution. Photos must accurately show the product, preferably Qatar Telegram Data from all sides, highlighting important details and demonstrating its usefulness. You can also use visualizations or instructional videos for this purpose. This is the add value of the presentation. Remember, the better you showcase your product, the better your chances of making a purchase. You should also include color variations if available or shoe size options as well as product descriptions.

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Please provide as much detail as possible. The more a customer knows about a particular product, the easier it is for him to make a decision. Encourage them to buy more things, so-call bundling Sometimes we go to the store to buy one Australia Email List specific thing and leave with a basket full. This is similar to online shopping although you ne to guide the customer more. Various types of product lists and recommendation systems are us for this purpose. We can offer products that are similar to a given item, products that other customers have seen, or even complementary products. For a bottle of wine it might be a corkscrew or a set of glasses. Careful display of such sets may encourage users to leave the store with a heavier basket. Promotions are also worth remembering. If a given product can be offer.

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