If you are starting out, it is a good option to consider due to its simplicity. Advantages: A/B tests. Creating funnels. Segmentation. Subscriber optimization How to create bas on their behavior. Send at the most active time of each subscriber. Analysis of the best time slot to send. Disadvantages: The free version offers few contacts. It does not have subscriber tagging. hosting raiola networks AWeber acumbamail Email marketing tool well known for its long history, although paradoxically not one of the most us.

Campaigns thanks to it

With AWeber you can easily carry out email marketing s hundrs of pre-design executive data templates and its drag and drop system , create sales funnels and segment your contacts. aweber interface The negative part is that it is quite expensive and does not have a Spanish version. Advantages: +700 professional email templates. It has a free image library. Segmentation and tagging of users by behavior. Disadvantages: The pricing plans are high. It does not have a Spanish version.

Benchmark interface

Basic automation system. Benchmark acumbamail UAB Directory Born in 2004, Benchmark Email is a very intuitive and easy-to-use email marketing tool , us by more How to create than 500,000 companies around the world. SIGN UP FREE With Benchmark you can carry out email campaigns , create sales funnels and use landing pages for your campaigns, as well as create custom forms . You can create email campaigns quickly thanks to its easy drag and drop system.  With automations you can personalize your subscribers’ experience bas on their interaction with your website and campaigns.