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We deter our potential customers. The subscriber name itself gives us a lot of room to personalize the mail. Thanks to this in addition to a personaliz greeting in your email “Hi Hubert Good morning Hubert Dear Sir” you can also create a dynamic creative theme Hubert The latest newsletter is waiting for you Hubert We have The best offers for you include the recipient’s name. Additionally knowing the name gives us the opportunity to determine the gender of the subscriber. This information will allow you to introduce additional dynamic content into one email, such as information about discounts on women’s clothing and sales on men’s clothing.

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Dynamic attachments can also be creat by sender or subject. All bas on the values specifi in the characteristics assign to the individual subscriber e.g. customer’s gender customer’s name zip code city . Tag your newsletter When creating your emails don’t forget to tag news products or sections that link to specific pages. So in follow-up emails you can prepare personaliz content in the email bas on clicks on the tagg link. You’ll discover what specific content is interesting and important to specific users and match it with further communications. Proper tags make it easier to create the content you want, allowing you to strengthen.

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Your connection with your users and create separate groups for different products or topics. Mailing – Perfect Timing Customers often ask us when and what day to send emails to achieve satisfactory results. There is no clear answer but there are several theories. But don’t use the information found on . Instead, use the features provid by UK Email List your email marketing system. Its functionality will allow you to thoroughly check the response of your database in order to properly personalize your mail, for example in terms of shipping time. Bas on the information you get from the reports, you can plan to send on the days when emails are open most often and at times that are convenient for a given user. This will greatly increase your chances of getting the desir response. Send Optimizer will allow you to accurately.

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