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Automation tools in the future. Is it worth it No doubt Is it easy Definitely check it out Customers who open the tool with a free test admitt to leaving their shopping carts in online stores and abandoning transactions. American Research conduct a study on the most common reasons for completing a purchase before final confirmation and payment. The results show that nearly half of the users are deterr by the cost of delivery. Nearly half of the users said that they were not prepar for shopping. Nearly of users said that the price of the product was too high. Nearly of users said that the product price was too high. Nearly of users said that the product price.

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Was too high. Nearly of users said that the product price was too high. A similar number of respondents said they would postpone the purchase until later. This means that the customer plac an order but preferr to wait until later to complete the transaction under more favorable circumstances. How to Handle Such Situations A Real Life Example Mr. Kowalski forgot to buy his wife a birthday present. So to avoid arousing suspicion by India Telegram Data going on an unannounc long shopping trip, he quickly began looking for gift ideas on the Internet. After entering the phrase gifts for womenYou will receive several results directing you to a store selling original art jewelry.

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Encourag by the good reviews from other users, he look at the finely craft silver bracelet. However, the price of this masterpiece of jewelry exce his wallet. So he is looking for cheaper alternatives and looks on comparison sites where he China Email List can buy a beautiful handmade bracelet to beautify his wife’s wrist. Suddenly she walk into the room. Mr. Kowalski quickly clos the page so as not to spoil the surprise for his wife. At work the next morning, Kowalski brows an information portal and saw an online banner displaying the offer he’d seen the day before. This is thanks to the website sav on his computer last night. There is also a product fe which contains.

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