The owner of an nft has ownership of the asset relate to their token. This is important in the digital world. Where we can produce endless. Perfect copies of any piece of data. The one-millionth screenshot of a digital artwork is identical to the original image. Since scarcity creates value. Digital artists have struggle to earn their true worth. Nfts help to create the valuable rarity that art requires. The nft can relate to just about anything people want to own online. The new york times has sold articles as nfts. Jack dorsey (founder of twitter) sold his first tweet as an nft.

Location or device data

 It would be economically and environmentally impractical to store these files in this way. As blockchain technology requires huge amounts of computing power. After all. Nfts were latest database create to help with property purchases. Not art trading. Their core function is to store and enable smart contracts. Which are programs that run automatically when pre-agree conditions are met. The nft acts as a certificate of ownership and a receipt of purchase. But it is essentially a link that points to the original art file. We should expect more elegant solutions in future. However it is worth noting this current reality from a brand’s perspective. And a company calle look labs even sold a “digital perfume” as an nft. But it is important to note here that the artwork itself is not store on the blockchain.

He is also a digital strategy consultant

 He is also a digital strategy consultant. Author. And trainer. Over the last 12 years. He has devise and implemente international marketing strategies for brands UAB Directory including american express. Adidas. And general motors. Today. Clark works with business schools at the university of cambridge. Imperial college london. And columbia university to design and deliver their executive-eucation courses on data analytics and digital marketing. Clark is a certifie google trainer and runs google workshops across europe and the middle east. This year. He has delivere keynote speeches at leadership events in latin america. Europe.