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Communication will be done using personaliz transactional emails including order summary, hotel recommendations, local attractions and unbeatable car rental offers. One week before departureCustomers will receive an email with flight details and a link to online check-in, as well as the advisor’s contact details if they have any questions or issues. Through these campaigns customers will feel special, save time and increase trust in the brand. What information do you ne to create the perfect personaliz offer? How did your customers come to your website? Whether they were searching online, social mia, newsletters, or paid advertising.

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When investing in various communication channels, you ne to know what effects your actions will have and which ones. Channels bring you the most customers. How long the customer spent on your website and which sub-pages they visit. You Brazil Telegram Data ne to know whether he is currently interest in a flight to the Costa del Sol or elsewhere so that you can offer him a range of services or products that meet his expectations. . How often and when he visits your site Perhaps this is his first visit This information is crucial in determining the level of interest in your offer. At what stage do they abandon their carts Why does it happen – Shipping costs are too high.

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The shopping path is too complex Bas on the answers obtain you will formulate further action plans to ruce the number of abandon orders. Where your customers are from may seem trivial, but where they live is incribly important information. You will learn in which part of Poland, Europe and the world your products are most popular and where to strengthen your marketing and sales activities. The situation is different. Chosen a holiday on USA Email List the Costa del Sol, book the flight but something went wrong and the customer did not pay. Where the problem occurs When filling the order or at the payment stage Using professional tools to analyze.

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