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The behavior on the website you can determine at which stage the purchasing process was interrupt. By examining user traffic you can create scenarios for further communication. In this case, after three hours you can send an email containing the flight offers that the user has view previously and information about your readiness to help resolve the issue. Identifying problems so quickly can have a positive impact on sales. What to do if a client announces a vacation to his boss but cannot find a flight to the Costa del Sol within the given dates and budget. Suggest alternative solutions. Use the information you have Holiday dates Airports and similar prices.

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Maybe the Canary Islands or Barcelona will become equally attractive travel destinations and customers will end up choosing flights. It’s important that messages are dynamic, personaliz and able to be sent quickly. Leave customers Vietnam Telegram Data no time to compete. This simple example illustrates why omnipotence is important. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes – flexibility when shopping is most important to them. To create the perfect personaliz offer you must have relevant and specific information. Effective communication isn’t everything Acquiring customers through effective communication isn’t everything. You can’t forget customer service.

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However, this takes time and spending time costs money. So what is the best way to invest your money, which customer should you devote an entire day to, and which client should you devote an hour to? To answer this question, you Switzerland Email List ne to calculate the customer lifetime value, the so-call customer lifetime value . It is the value of revenue generat by a customer within a specific time period, such as half a year or a year. Example If a customer spends PLN every two months in your store, then his year is × PLN , PLN . By determining the value you can calculate the actual amount of money remaining in the budget after ducting the costs incurr by the customer service department.

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